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The Student Chapter of the Special Libraries Association will be conducting tours of special libraries in the metropolitan area beginning Spring 2014. Places scheduled for visits include the Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society Archives and Research facilities and the New York Times R&D Lab, Archives and Photo Archives.

Interested students should visit the SLA@SJU Blog to find out more or contact the president, at toni.liberty13@stjohns.edu

Progressive Librarians Guild

uo4ctfezwnrele_150Are you interested in outreach, social justice, or intellectual freedom? Ready to join a forum of students focused on change and social responsibility? Consider joining the Progressive Librarians Guild at St. John’s University!

The PLG was formed in 1990 and has supported organizations such as: Historians Against the War (HAW), The Iraq Moratorium, Occupy Wall Street, and IFLA. Possible activities include: organizing or attending peaceful protests, meeting to conduct letter writing campaigns to the ALA or local public officials, and volunteering at an organization of your choice.

Read here to find out more about Progressive Librarians Guild chapters or contact Emily Griffin at esg.bk3@gmail.com for more information.

Remember: you don’t just have a brain, you also have a voice!

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