ePortfolios and You

All DLIS students who have entered the program during or after Fall 2011 are required to create an ePortfolio. The completion of this will be one of the requirements for obtaining the St. John’s M.S. in Library and Information Sciences. Dr. Christine Angel was able to discuss some of the reasons for this change, some of the benefits, and some of the expectations for students’ ePortfolios during the Spring Semiannual Meeting.

According to Dr. Angel, the ePortfolio is greatly beneficial to both the students and the DLIS program. For students, the e-Portfolio is tangible evidence that students are completing projects and coursework tied to the ALA Core Competencies of Librarianship. Students will have a visual representation of the work they have done during their courses and can convey both their working knowledge of concepts and their ability to compile data in a comprehensible manner. This can then be used to show potential employers just how capable you will be when working for them. Dr. Angel has made available a template which students can use to design their e- portfolio. Students are not required to use the template. Dr. Angel also reviewed the required elements of the e- portfolio and the rubric for grading. Both the guidelines and rubric were e-mail to all students and are also available in the DLIS group in St. John’s Central.

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