Faculty Spotlight: Christine Angel

We were able to sit down with Dr. Angel and to discuss some of her interests and research.  You may view the complete interview on our new YouTube channel or real Dr. Angel’s remarks on our blog.  Enjoy a few of the highlights in Dr. Angel’s own words!

“My scholarship is centered within the areas information representation and retrieval (IRR).  My current research centers on the use of descriptive metadata within the online environment among library, archive and museum (LAM) professionals.  The purpose of this research was to establish a baseline observation point by analyzing similarities and differences among LAM professionals when assigning descriptive metadata to represent the content of an information object at what, if any, relationships emerged between assigned terms.  Findings from this project represent the foundation of my future research agenda.”

“With the advent of 9-11, I went back into the Air Force.  There were a number of occasions I deployed.  Having access to online classes allowed me to complete my degree programs without interruption.”

On her hobbies: “I consider myself first and foremost a runner.”

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