Fall 2012 Semi-Annual Meeting

It was another successful semi-annual meeting for DLIS students and faculty at the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester at St. John’s Manhattan Campus. Many new LIS students were able to come and meet continuing students and faculty for the first time. After a short overview of LIS 204 and 205 for the new students, everyone had an opportunity to catch up with one another over refreshments. Dr. Olson then had a chance to speak to all of the DLIS students, discussing many components of the program, such as internships, professional groups and student organizations, and comprehensive exams/e-portfolios, and their importance.

One very beneficial aspect of our semi-annual meeting is the chance to meet with the professors who will be teaching your online courses and the students who will be in those courses alongside you. The last hour of the night was dedicated to online courses, with discussions of what is to be expected by both the students and instructors and general outlines for each course.

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