Important Fall Events

Showcase, Celebrate, Honor

Join us in celebrating 75 years as the department of Library and Information Science on November 7th at the NYC Municpal Archives in downtown Manhattan.  “Appropriately commemorate…in style,” said Pat Canale, Chair Coordinator of the event.  Guests will enjoy a cocktail reception while browsing archival displays provided by the Municipal Archives and the university within the grandiose marble establishment. Honorees will be recognized as distinguished alumni but “this is a celebration of everyone…a showcase of their accomplishments in these 75years,” Canale added.  Faculty, alumni, current students, family and friends are encouraged to attend.  Doors open at 6:15 pm, with the reception slated to begin at 6:30 pm and continues until 8:00 pm.  Tickets are priced at $50.

To register and pay online, visit  Any questions about the event can be addressed to Elisa Douglas at or by phone 718-990-6168.

Save the Date! Fall Symposium:  Saturday, November 16, 2013

Keynote Speaker:  Lee Rainie, President, Pew Research Center’s Internet Project

Join faculty, current students, alumni and other professionals in this fall’s educational event:  the symposium.  This educational conference is designed to facilitate the spread of ideas, to discuss relevant research and present networking opportunities to everyone in attendance.  Be treated to a continental breakfast and lunch and enjoy this semester’s keynote speaker Lee Rainie, who will be discussing the Pew Project’s unearthing of digital technology use and his project’s research developments on library direction in the future as well as the changing “value” of librarians to their communities.

President, Pew Research Center's Internet Project
President, Pew Research Center’s Internet Project

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