New Student Reflections

Toni Liberty and Kanisha Greaves have answered questions about their first month here at St. John’s as DLIS students:

How are classes so far?

Toni: Classes are going pretty well.  I was concerned with online classes at first, because it seemed a bit disconnected but I have found I stay on top of my work so much more actively than any in-person class.  I find with online classes I need to play the role of teacher for myself to make sure I fully grasp each week’s information.

Kanisha: As a new student this semester, I am taking LIS 204, LIS 205, and LIS 239. So far, my classes have been very fascinating and have already taught me so much of the library profession.

How are you managing the workload?

Toni:  The workload is large but manageable.  There’s just so much reading! Sometimes it feels like everything I read over the course of a week is just never going to happen.  Nevertheless the class structure, the class structure, particularly online discussions, seem to drive home necessary points I needed to take out of each topic discussed.

Kanisha: The workload has been manageable and has shown me the different facets of what it takes to be a library professional in today’s world. The work is definitely much more interesting than that of some of the classes I was required to take as an undergraduate.

What are you most looking forward to during your time in the program?

Toni: I am most looking forward to becoming a part of an academic service learning project, getting internships and helping recreate the student chapter of SLA here on campus.

Kanisha: I am looking forward to taking classes more focused in the various concentrations, specifically archives, special librarianship, or youth services. Whatever classes I do end up taking, I am excited to start my journey into the DLIS program.

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