Recap the Night: DLIS Semiannual Meeting

A brief dinner followed the welcoming of this semester’s new LIS students to the program on Wednesday, January 15.  In the Saval Auditorium of the St. John’s Manhattan campus, returning students and faculty joined our newcomers to welcome the 2014 spring semester.

Dr. Lee presents an overview of Digication and the ePortfolio

Dr. Olson addressed all students with program updates and expectations.  The DLIS department is now offering joint BA/MA programs in Computer Science and Information Technology, as well as Language and Literature.  A dual masters degree program between the Library and Information Science and Public History departments is also available to interested students.

The large assembly then heard from Dr. Lee and Graduate Assistant

Mary Glynn shares her ePortfolio
Mary Glynn shares her ePortfolio

Mary Glynn as they presented a general ePortfolio overview.  Mary was nice enough to provide her current ePortfolio as an example to students of what they should expect an ePortfoilio to look like through its transformation during the program.

The night ended with students engaging in brief orientations to online and mixed mode classes being offered this spring, including LIS203: Organization of Information, LIS211: Collection Development and Management of Resources, and LIS237 and LIS238, Metadata and Web Design, respectively.   Students were allowed the opportunity to ask questions about the class and upcoming projects, many of which will be presented at the Spring Symposium on April 5.

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