Preparing for Summer Break: More than Stocking up on Beach Reads

As the days get longer, DLIS faculty and students begin to prepare for summer break. Summer break is a great opportunity to pick up a course and an internship. During the summer months, the DLIS of=ice is open and available to students, but faculty and staff work lighter hours. Please contact us if you need assistance, and stay up to date with your SJU email. Below we answer some of FAQ about summer semesters:

What courses are offered?

You can view the course listing on the DLIS Current Students page. Summer courses are offered in two sessions, with a week long intensive Post Session. Summer session dates:

Summer Session I: May 28 – July 9. Summer Session II: July 11 – August 22 Post Session: August 19 – August 23

Can I study abroad?

Yes. Courses are being offered this summer in Rome. Registration has already closed, but contact the department immediately if you are still interested. Also, consider internship opportunities abroad. Internships can count toward credits. Work with your advisor to apply for credit. Plan ahead for an opportunity to study abroad with Dr. Lee in Jamaica next Spring.

Are there scholarships and graduate assistantships available? Yes, they are limited. Graduate assistantships have already been assigned, but if interested in summer graduate assistantship let your supervisor know or contact DLIS today. Summer assistantships at St. John’s are for summer tuition only. No stipend is provided.

The O’Connell Scholarship still applies to summer courses.

How do I find an internship?

There are many ways to find internships, now is the time to start for summer. 1) DLIS regularly forwards internships postings, so check your email! 2) Talk with your advisor or a faculty member.  3) is one of the most comprehensive websites for positions in the Library and Information Science field. 4) SJU Career Link: The SJU Career link is full of internships with employers seeking St. John’s students. Do not miss this excellent resource, which includes many LIS positions.

I am not able to take summer courses, how else can I stay engaged with LIS?
1) Connect with professional associations.  2)Study for comprehensive exams and prepare your ePortfolio. 3) Read LIS blogs & professional publications. 4) Volunteer 5) Join a student group.

I don’t live near New York, but want to stay engaged with DLIS, what can I do?
Register for LIS 270 tutorial; follow us on Facebook; join a student group.

Do I need to check my St. John’s email during summer break?
YES! It is how DLIS contacts you with important information about courses, registration, your bursar bill, jobs, internships, etc. If you don’t like logging into your SJU email, be sure to forward to an email account you check daily. If going on vacation, it is good professional practice to set up an alert that you are not checking your email. Be sure to provide a return date for when you will check your email. Information Science field.


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