SJU Honors First Pratt-Severn Award Winner!

April Earle is the first St. John’s student to receive the prestigious Pratt- Severn Award for the Best Student Research Paper! The award is meant to recognize the outstanding work of a current student in an accredited information degree program. The purpose of the award is to “encourage student research in the writing in the field of information sciences”.

April’s paper, Design of an application profile for the St. John’s University Oral History Collection, was produced for her final project for Dr. Vorbach’s LIS 237. April describes her paper as comparing “discuss the trade-offs between using one standard over another, and finally existing metadata standards, arrives at an AP (a set of metadata elements and defining standards that dictate the policies and best practices appropriate to an application) that should facilitate the cataloging and/or web-based presentation of these oral history interviews by putting the content analysis of the resource in the hands of the interviewers; the Oral History students.”

As a recipient of the award, April is given the special opportunity of presenting her paper at the 75th anniversary American Society for Information Science and Technology in Baltimore this October. She will also be speaking at the DLIS Fall Symposium on November 3rd, so make sure to join us and hear April talk about her award-winning paper.

DLIS offers its congratulations to April and encourages other students to follow in her footsteps. We are proud to call April a member of our DLIS community!

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