A Word from the Director

Spring has arrived, and we soon will see the end of this semester. It has been a very successful one, beginning with our reaccreditation by the ALA, then the successful appointment of a new faculty member, an excellent turnout for the Spring Symposium, and now preparations for sending out our newest group of DLIS graduates.

It was great to see everyone come together for the Spring Symposium, which included several wonderful panel discussions and presentations, as well as the keynote speaker, the ALA president-elect Maureen Sullivan. Topics of the day were varied, and covered facets of the library field like progressive librarianship, diversity of the workforce, philanthropic resources, fundraising, special libraries and e-books, and much more. We additionally had a representative from the St. John’s University Career Center, as we are aware that in these current times we need to provide more support to students entering the workforce; we strongly encourage students and alumni to take advantage of the services available at the Career Center.

Additionally, Ms. Sullivan, who was gracious enough to spend the day with us and share her ideas, encouraged a sense of community as well as working to create leadership in the field, and urged students and alumni alike to participate in ALA and be proactive in their individual areas. We at DLIS believe in this as well, and continually work to make our community collaborative and strong, and to help create leaders among our own. We are continuing our efforts to create better channels of communication within the DLIS, and as always we welcome hearing from you on your thoughts and feedback.

Best wishes as this semester comes to a close and we progress to the next step, be it summer courses and internships, or one of the varied paths of our graduates.

Jeff Olson

Jeffery Olson, Ph.D., J.D. Director

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