Dr. Rioux Signs a Book Contract

DLIS Associate Professor Dr. Kevin Rioux has signed a book contract with colleague Dr. Bharat Mehra, Associate Professor in the School of Information at the University of Tennessee.  The book, Progressive Community Action: Critical Theory and Social Justice in Library and Information Science, has an expected release date of December 2015.

A description of the work from the Library Juice Press release reads,

            “Social justice in library and information science (LIS) seeks to achieve action-oriented, socially relevant impacts through information work. This edited volume includes papers that explore intersections between critical theory and social justice in LIS while focusing on social relevance and community involvement to promote progressive community-wide changes. Contributors include LIS researchers, practitioners, educators, social justice advocates, and community leaders who identify theories, methods, approaches, strategies, and case studies that apply these intersections in mobilizing community action to deliver tangible community building and development outcomes.”

 The official press release can be read here.

Congratulations Dr. Rioux on this accomplishment!

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