Dr. Shari Lee to Present at the Long Island Library Resources Council 2014 Conference

DLIS Associate Professor Dr. Lee will conduct a presentation on her latest research, Creating Authentic Teen Spaces in Public Libraries, at the Melville Marriott Vanderbilt Room during Session II of the Conference.

Dr. Lee was recently awarded ALISE/Norman Horrocks Award for exemplar professional leadership within the organization.  She has been an ALISE member since 2008, when she joined as a doctoral student whose dissertation Teen Space:  Designed for Whom won the 2011 Eugene Garfield/ALISE Doctoral Dissertation Award.  Currently, Dr. Lee serves as St. John’s DLIS Youth Services and Librarianship specialist.

Dr. Lee’s presentation will explore the relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit, with a understanding of the effects of architecture and design on behaviors – specifically with regards to teen spaces in public libraries.  Dr. Lee will approach the topic of “an authentic public library space for teens is one that accommodates teens and their cultural practices in [a] meaningful way.”

To find out more information about the event, please visit the SJU DLIS Newsletter’s Upcoming Events page.

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