Event Recap: “Libraries Change Lives”

Approximately 80 St. John’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, librarians and patrons of the Suffolk County Library System, friends and family gathered at the Oakdale campus’ Bourne Mansion Saturday, March 15 to hear from guest speakers ALA President, Barbara Stripling and Christian Zabriskie of Urban Libraries Unite.

Administrative Assistant Linda Russell and Graduate Assistant Ally Mercado welcomed guests as they arrived, offering program folders and gift bags, and pointing out the free hot breakfast, tea and coffee available for an hour before the program officially began.

Dr. Olson began the program by welcoming all guests and awarding Pam Berger a distinguished alumni award she earned at a previous event, the St. John’s DLIS 75th Anniversary Celebration.  Upon acceptance, Dr. Olson warmly introduced the first guest speaker, Barbara Stripling.

Stripling’s motivational and inspirational speech reminded listeners that libraries change lives, reflecting on her goal to change the world.  As librarians, Stripling reminded the audience; we have the power and opportunity to change someone’s world for the better.

Following a Q&A session and a brief break, Christian Zabriskie took to the podium.  Zabriskie’s impassioned address preached advocacy and outreach.  As the prominent member of the library group, Urban Libraries Unite, Zabriskie offered a glimpse at the various programs and events the group has held.

Upon completion, guests were awarded certificates of attendance.

Read more about the event on  this SJU DLIS alumni’s blog, found here.

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