Spring Symposium Workshop – What makes a perfect online course?

At the Spring Symposium, DLIS faculty and students teamed up in a collaborative workshop to discuss “What makes a perfect online course?” Since BlackBoard (BB) is the course management system for online courses, discussion centered on this technology.

The students were asked to join one of four groups: Technology, Course Design, Online Discussions, and Engagements. Students then collaborated within their groups to compile lists of the good and not-so-good things about online courses.

One of the main requests from students is more consistency between course sites in BB. Also, students would like to see more interactive technology available; perhaps technology that allows students to talk to each other and the professor “face-to-face” online.

Are there any changes you would like to see professors (and other students) make on BB? Is there something missing that you think would make coursework easier to accomplish? Let us know! Email dlis@stjohns.edu. More to come!

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