Success Stories & Paths to DLIS


Patricia Canale has been an employee of St. John’s for 23 years. For years she contemplated returning to school, finally deciding on the MLS program at St. John’s. While in the program, Patricia was the recipient of the prestigious IMLS scholarship. She is now working in the Office of the Registrar, in the capacity of Associate Registrar.


Robert DrzeUntitledpwicki had 25 years experience in financial services before deciding to further his education by pursuing a MLS degree at St. John’s. Robert was a recipient of the IMLS scholarship. Robert is currently the Content Information Manager at Gartner, Inc. and belongs to several LIS associations and two association boards.



Linda Miles

Linda Miles completed many academic endeavors before discovering the LIS program at St. John’s. For nearly eleven years, Linda worked at the library of the Lincoln Center Institute. Interested in Special Libraries and art programs for non-profit organizations, Linda recently completed her MLS degree at St. John’s. Recently, Linda accepted the position of Public Services Librarian at Yeshiva University.

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