Series: DLIS Alumni in Higher Education Administration

Our alumni have expressed the versatility of the MLS degree earned here at St. John’s University.  Capturing the essence of adaptability, these alumns express how useful their library education has been to continuing their careers here at St. John’s.

“I certainly feel that the knowledge I gained in the MLS program here at St. John’s has helped me in my current position as Assistant Dean in the Graduate Division of St. John’s College. My responsibilities – which include reviewing admissions applications, monitoring the business of the College, coordinating and maintaining marketing endeavors, and managing the College’s presence on the new website – require me to use skills taught as part of the library and information science curriculum. I need to prioritize information and projects, manage the functions of an institution, and manage information online. These are all knowledge management skills.

Many people ask me why I didn’t get a library job with my degree, but I do in fact have a job where I use my degree every day. The beauty of the MLS is that it is applicable to a wide range of settings. Academic administration is one of those settings.”

-Molly Mann, MLS, Assistant Dean, St. John’s University


“I think I was always meant to be a librarian. I loved reading, writing, and putting things in order. I live an orderly life. I keep an orderly house. I function best when things are in order – clean?? I do not care so much about that –

When I was graduating college in 1984 and thinking about what I should do next – I mentioned to my boyfriend (now husband of over 25 years) that I am considering getting a degree in library science – well his response was you will never make any money doing that –

I was young and not very confident and then went on to do a variety of other things that I have not made any big money doing – but, the benefits of working here at St. John’s are so fulfilling I cannot begin to say how happy I am that this is where I have arrived.

The job I currently hold does not require a degree in Library and Information Science but it has been very helpful. The coursework enhanced my skills in performing research tasks, doing queries, and helped me form logical approaches to categorizing the information I work with.

I know that is not all of what Library Science is about, and, not all people who graduate with the degree have these skills, but, I do feel my degree has enhanced my abilities and to excel here at St. John’s.”

-Lori Brandston, MLS, Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Resource Management, St. John’s University

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