Spring Symposium 2014: Career Services

Dr. Kristin Szylvian

Dr. Kristin Szylvian served as moderator for St. John’s University and St. John’s College Career and Internship Advisor, Karen Acampado.

Acampado presented tools and tips for your next internship or job search. She reminded interested students about the available services of the University’s Career Center, highlighted previously this year by the DLIS Newsletter. Acampado came prepared to supply interested students with a well-organized list of professional library associations, emerging careers for LIS graduates and a link to non-library jobs LIS graduates frequently take. She also supplied a sample resume for LIS students, as resume writing help is the most frequently used service offered by the career center.

Dr. Szylvian wrapped up the session by reminding students to not

Ms. Karen Acampado
Ms. Karen Acampado

get stuck on the idea they need to live in New York. Particularly with this profession, jobs become available all over the country. She warned students that they might not get that dream job in Manhattan right away, maybe not ever. Flexibility will help further your career in library sciences, Dr. Szylvian said, so take advantage of the offers that come your way and do not dismiss positions based on location, the location may surprise you.

Acampado offered one-on-one sessions with students after the lunch break. Students were encouraged to visit the Career Center as needed as well.

Karen Acampado attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where she received a BA in Sociology. She has worked as a career services professional for the last ten years.

A recording of this session can be accessed here. (Cisco WebEx add-on is required)

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