Spring Symposium 2014: Digital Humanities

Dr. Christine Angel briefly introduced her students that have been working with the Academic Service Learning component of this degree program since its inception a few years ago. She explains that these projects have the potential to become full-time paid positions for these students upon graduation from this program.

A panel of four DLIS students sat before an audience to speak about their involvement with current academic service learning projects. Amanda Register and Chris Lund have been working with the Center for Migration Studies. Together, these two have had a large role in the transition of many physical collections housed at the archives to digitization projects. Michelle Levy and Christina Orozco have worked with the Paulist Father’s Father Foley, even taking a trip to the organization’s archives in Washington D.C.

To introduce their projects, Amanda and Christ provided a brief overview of digitization and the newly available information materials that libraries, archives and museums have begun incorporating as online exhibits. “We are presenting knowledge in new ways,” said Register. After an introduction to the topic, each panelist described their past and current work on projects. Also discussed was the Hidden Heritage Collections blog, a St. John’s University blog created by Levy and Orozco for students to contribute, “cultural artifacts processed by St. Johns students working in libraries, archives and museums. “

The panel opened the floor for a question and answer session at the end of their presentation.

Chris Lund is a current DLIS student at St. John’s. He is a graduate of Cornell Law School and left practicing commercial real estate law to pursue a career in law librarianship.

Christina Orozco is concentrating in Archives at the St. John’s DLIS program. She is currently a Special Collections Processing Coordinator and Project Manager for the Paulist Fathers and an intern in the Library and Archives Department of the Nida Institute.

Amanda Register is also a DLIS student studying to become a law librarian. She is a former attorney and graduate of Cornell Law School.

Michelle Levy is pursuing her MLS at St. John’s with a concentration in archives. She is currently a Special Collections Processing Coordinator and Project Manager for the Paulist Fathers and a volunteer at the Archives at Queens Library.

A recording of this session can be accessed here. (Cisco WebEx add-on is required)

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