Welcoming Students to a New Semester

A week before classes were scheduled to begin, DLIS held its semiannual orientation meeting for new and returning students at the D’Angelo Center on the Queens Campus.

The meeting provided new students a chance to engage with each other and hear about continuing student experiences, while returning students caught up after a summer of internship and work opportunities.

New students arrived first to receive introductory information to benefit their inclusion into the program. A few select Graduate Assistants took the opportunity to give advice to the newcomers based on their personal experiences here at St. John’s. Above all, our Graduate Assistants stressed the importance of self-motivation and organization as a key component to success in the program. They encouraged new students to take advantage of every opportunity to introduce themselves to classmates, making the online learning environment much more personal and engaging. DLIS alumni April Earle left our new students with one important message, “Commit to what it is you say you’re going to do…you’re here for yourself”.

Continuing students arrived for a light dinner and mingling before the meeting continued with talks from professors and faculty. Students were encouraged to discover new and unique opportunities within the program, including a mini course dedicated to exploring as many New York City libraries, archives and museums possible. Students were also advised to get involved with professional library organizations as student members. Not only will this provide students networking opportunities, but with generate greater exposure to the professional world the high-caliber students enrolled in the St. John’s DLIS program.

To conclude, newly appointed program director Dr. James Vorbach addressed all students and faculty in attendance. He spoke about the educational mentality and framework stressed through participation in our program. He stressed that students discuss career interests with faculty, to guide you toward relevant internships in your area of concentration during the program. Our students are communicators and problem solvers, asking questions, getting involved and being proactive. Overall, Dr. Vorbach described his expectations of successful students through LEND:

                                  Learn from a challenging program of study
                                    –Engage in professional activities
                                   Distinguish yourself

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