A New Student Reflects on Her First Semester

Rachel Sferlazza graciously participated in a new student survey to follow up on expectations of the program from the beginning of the semester:

“My first semester of classes has been pretty well so far (written with a smiley face). The subject matter is simple to understand, but it can be difficult to handle the workload as I am also working. A challenge many students are accustomed to in this program, but we make it work. I must say I expected the online and hybrid courses to be a bit more interactive. I would like to do more listening in an online environment, to recorded lectures and such, rather than a large emphasis on reading deliverables. Next semester looks very similar to my current schedule: three classes and work. However next semester I am excited to take LIS203: Organization of Information and begin an Academic Service-Learning project. I am most looking forward to learning more about metadata and educational technology and to begin to gain experience in the field.”

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