DLIS Professor to Co-Lead Workshop at ALISE 2015

Dr. Kevin Rioux
Dr. Kevin Rioux

The upcoming year marks the 100-year celebration of the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), the nonprofit intellectual breadbasket for university faculty of LIS graduate programs in North America. Professor Kevin Rioux, Ph.D. will co-lead a workshop at the event being held in Chicago, IL on January 27, 2015.

Dr. Rioux is participating in the workshop, “A Social Justice in the LIS Classroom,” a three-part workshop designed to motivate educators and provide an academic framework for teaching LIS students about social justice. This workshop is structured such that participants will be equipped with practical pedagogical techniques to secure the inclusion of this highly important topic in any LIS curriculum.   As stated on the workshop webpage, the goal is to instill a “sense of renewed confidence in advocating for incorporation of social justice as a mainstay of LIS education”.

Dr. Rioux’s participation at the ALISE conference is expanding on his personal work in social justice education. Last summer he spent a time at an international conference, Social Justice and Education, in India where he first discussed the topic of incorporating social justice into an educational course of study. Dr. Rioux is also currently co-writing a book, Progressive Community Action: Critical Theory and Social Justice in Library and Information Science.

We wish Dr. Rioux the best of luck and look forward to any incorporation of insights gained at this workshop and conference to benefit our program here at St. John’s, particularly in his Spring 2015 course, Social Justice in Information Professions.

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