DLIS Students Attend SLA Student Swing

January 24, 2015—SLA-NY hosted a panel of recent graduates of metropolitan library schools to impart knowledge, tips and wisdom to current area library school students. The student swing panel consisted of graduates of local programs at Pratt, Palmer, Rutgers, Queens College and St. John’s. Participants and attendees were invited to tour the new St. John’s Davis Library at the Manhattan Campus and offered refreshments after braving the elements to attend the Student Swing. Key topics discussed by the panel included navigating through library school, finding an internship and landing that first job.

Current DLIS students that attended the event found it to be an informative and worthwhile experience. One student found it geared toward discovering the role of education and background on the professional future of new LIS students. Another found the session to be a great resource to find out more about the diverse careers that make up the LIS field. Overall, the Student Swing promoted student networking. This type of program allowed participants and attendees to meet people with similar interests from different schools, allowing for the share of information about other LIS programs in the area. One student commented that this environment motivated her to approach the panelists and ask about their work experience, which led to her ascertaining some excellent job searching advice.

Check the DLIS Meetup tab here on the newsletter site or go directly to the page to find out more about similar upcoming opportunities to network and meet local students and field professionals. Read more about the event here (insert hyperlink), the SLA-NY publications page.

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