DLIS Student Association is back and better than ever!

by Sara Alcorn, DLISSA Vice President

The Division of Library and Information Science Student Association (DLISSA) was founded on October 27th, 2015. Our Mission is to provide a cooperative, collaborative, and supportive space for all DLIS students. The purpose of DLISSA is to operate as a professional development association, as well as a social networking community within the division by offering student development workshops, social events, and a strong system of support among its colleagues.

To kick off the founding of DLISSA there will be a Holiday Party on December 11th from 6pm – 7 pm. The location is yet to be determined, so please look out for further emails. DLISSA’s first general body meeting will take place Tuesday, January 26th beginning at 5:45 pm in the Queen’s Campus Library. This meeting will outline the calendar for the 2016 year, address recruiting and fundraising, and serve as a meet and greet for all new members. We highly encourage all those interested in DLISSA to be present.

We have begun setting up student development workshops and lectures by hosting Erika Rosenberg and Nicole Slavin from Lippincott, a brand-marketing firm, to discuss knowledge management and librarianship in the corporate sphere on Tuesday, February 9th at 5:45 pm. Additionally, DLISSA will be hosting a Student Research Symposium on Saturday, April 23rd on St. John’s Manhattan Campus. More information on how to get involved with the Student Research Symposium will also be addressed on January 26th.

We’re very excited about our upcoming events and enthusiastically encourage participation from all students. All on campus events will be webcasted during the event. So distance students, please consider joining DLISSA as you will still be able to participate and partake in the workshops, lectures, and meetings!

Feel free to contact myself, Sara Alcorn – Vice President, with any questions, concerns, or ideas at sara.alcorn15@stjohns.edu OR Maddy Vericker – Assistant Secretary at madalaine.vericker15@stjohns.edu

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, December 11th at our Holiday Party! Location TBD – check your email for updates!

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