Letter from the Editor

When DLIS Director Dr. Vorbach, and Admin extraordinaire Michael Crossfox, assigned me the task of revamping the Division’s Newsletter as part of my graduate assistantship, I saw it as an opportunity to document the activities of current and former DLIS students and faculty. Coming into my first semester at St. John’s, I was expecting my fellow students and faculty to be working on interesting projects, but I continue to be impressed and intrigued by the diverse interests in the field that I have come across just in the first few months of my degree.

With the latest edition of the DLIS Newsletter, you will find stories written by first year MLIS candidates covering a range of topics. In this issue, we cover events that occurred this past semester, faculty reports, student reflections, an alumni interview, and a letter from the Director, Dr. Vorbach. Finally, due to Michael, Dr. Vorbach, and student effort, the Division’s Student Association has recently been reactivated. We hope that the DLIS Student Association, or DLISSA, will become an organization that unites local and distant students under one social and professional umbrella.

As a student leader in DLISSA and the editor of the DLIS eNewsletter, I hope that our efforts to increase student engagement will yield results. I look forward to hearing from DLIS alumni and second-year students about their activities, and I hope that the work they see here will inspire a contribution. I hope to set up an active Alumni Notes section of the eNewsletter website, but I cannot do it without all of your help!

Thank you for reading, and please, send any feedback to me at madalainev@gmail.com. I apologize in advance for the lack of photos – this will improve in the future.


DLIS Graduate Assistant
DLISSA Secretary

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