DLISSA President’s Dispatch: Semester in Review

DLISSA logoBy Rachel Sferlazza, DLISSA President, 2015-2016

First Annual Student Symposium
The Division of Library and Information Sciences Student AssociationDLISSA – had quite the busy semester!  This past April, we hosted our first annual Student Symposium.  Students were able to give presentations, both physical posters and digital ones—in the room, and remotely from afar.  We collaborated with the DLIS administration to secure a lovely breakfast, and conference space at St. John’s University’s beautiful Manhattan campus.  In a scenic conference room, students, interested friends and relatives, alumni, and faculty, were able to socialize and network.  We were able at this forum to showcase our research, both for the DLIS and for personal interest.

A large number of presentations dealt with students’ Academic Service-Learning projects, particularly for LIS 238: Web Design for Library and Information Centers.  Students worked in groups to build websites for museums, library associations, and in one case, high school students.  Some projects involved directly building the sites, while others taught their clients the principles of information architecture so that they may create their own.  These projects, under the guidance of Dr. James Vorbach, were largely successful—and very interesting to hear about!

Inter-University Mixers
This semester, DLISSA collaborated with student leaders from other universities to host a mixer and happy hour.  Twice, we met at Pioneers Bar in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan: once in February, and once in May.  This informal event was a great chance to make friends and network with future coworkers!  Moreover, at Pioneers, we were able to play board games, and have some nice drinks!  This event will likely become a running event, and we look forward to future meet-ups!

DLIS students presented in, and attended LI PopCon this April, located at St. John’s University’s scenic Oakdale campus.  This event was sponsored by Nassau County Library Association’s Pop Culture Committee, and hosted a variety of professional panels.  Librarians spoke, as well as content creators.  Our keynote speaker this year was Faith Erin Hicks, author/artist of recently published comic, The Nameless City. This event lasted all day, and included panels on digital creation, makerspaces, and superhero adaptations.  We look forward to attending and presenting in this conference next year, to spread the name and reputation of our school and our organization!

Student Meetings and Webinars
DLISSA meetings were held throughout the semester approximately once every two weeks, on Tuesday afternoons.  The Division graciously donated pizza to each of these meetings for those who attended in person.  However, distance students were—and continue to be!—more than welcome, via the WebEx technology.  At these meetings, we planned and discussed events, and one time, had digital visits from LIS professors in other states!  The meetings will be held approximately biweekly, and all are welcome to attend.

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