Letter from the Director

Dear DLIS Students, Alumni & Faculty,

Wishing everyone a relaxing, and productive, summer break! I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to the students graduating on May 19th. I am looking forward to attending the ceremony. Of note this year is the change in format of the graduation ceremonies. DLIS students will graduate with the College of Arts and Sciences graduate students (not the entire University as in the past). I think this new approach promises to be a more personal experience.

Summer is a great time for planning and updating. Planning your program of study for the next term or year, and updating your ePortfolio to reflect the Spring term’s course artifacts. Building your ePortfolio incrementally, after each term, not only minimizes stress at the end of your program but in general results in better reflective statements. If your plan does not have an internship or independent study in it, summer is a great time to investigate opportunities. Field experience in your program of study is very important, and these experiences can inform your career interests.

Of course, summer cannot be all planning and updating. You need to take some time and visit your ‘happy’ place/s. Although I grew up on Long Island, somehow the ‘beach’ gene was not passed down to me. I look forward to seeing sights where I have never been, hiking on trails where I have been (so I don’t get lost), spending more time with my family, and squeezing in a few more sudoko puzzles.

Have a great summer!


Dr. James Vorbach,
DLIS Director

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