Letter from the Editor

Dear DLIS Students, Alumni, and Faculty,

Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of the DLIS eNewsletter!

Another academic year here at St. John’s DLIS has come to a conclusion, and once again it is time to reflect on the activities and accomplishments of our incredible DLIS students, alumni, and faculty. For this issue of the DLIS eNewsletter, I wanted to highlight the seemingly boundless opportunities for DLIS students and alumni to participate in the larger LIS community.  Personally, I find myself halfway through my MLIS, and taking advantage of opportunities to participate in the wider LIS community with the help of St. John’s DLIS, like a $500 scholarship to go to the ALA Annual Conference this June in Orlando. The combined efforts of DLIS students, faculty, alumni, and staff to “get out there” ultimately boost our program’s reputation in the LIS world, and by documenting the activities of the DLIS community in the larger LIS professional world in this eNewsletter, I hope to contribute to the growth and development of our DLIS network.

In this issue, you will find articles written by first-year DLIS students highlighting a variety of awesome activities and projects. We have pieces discussing faculty travel, participation in professional organizations, and an overview of the impact DLISSA, the DLIS Student Association, has had on the students here at DLIS in its first year. Finally, I interviewed ALA Emerging Leader Katrina Ortega, NYPL Senior Librarian, on her experiences with the program and what it means to be a DLIS alumna in the field.

Once again, I wanted to conclude my letter from the editor with a call for participation — the DLIS eNewsletter cannot be produced without the cooperation of our students, faculty, and alumni, and I look forward to contributions from those who read the eNewsletter and feel inspired to share their success stories. Please feel free to reach out to me at madalainev@gmail.com with any ideas or suggestions for future issues of the DLIS eNewsletter. My inbox is always open!


Maddy Vericker
DLIS Graduate Assistant & DLISSA Secretary

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